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meet Sara

From a young age, Sara prayed God would use her in radical ways. As a high school senior, she watched as Invisible Children’s Kony 2012 took the Internet by storm (recieving over 101 million views), and remembers pointing to the screen and saying, “This is what I want to do”.

In that moment, she realized that storytelling, when done right, truly has the power to change the world. From that day forward, the passion stuck. Sara majored in film in college, and dreamed of the day she would get the chance to capture a story powerful enough to improve lives and change this world. 


Fast forward a couple years. One night, Sara ends up at dinner with a woman who, little did she know, would change her life. Her name was Jolly - the woman behind Invisible Children. At the table, Jolly shared her story, leaving Sara completely speechless and inspired. She remembers rushing home and scribbling down in her journal, “Jolly is the most incredible woman I have ever met. She is truly my hero. If I ever get the opportunity to do anything with this woman… I have to say yes”


A few months later, Sara gets a call to visit WEND Headquarters in Gulu, Uganda as a freelance photographer. After spending almost three weeks in the company of Jolly and the amazing women of WEND, Sara fell in love and accepted her dream job - to work as the Director of WEND in the United States and help get the company back on its feet. In her own words, “It has been the most life-changing and life-giving ‘yes’, and I could not be more grateful to play a small part in a much bigger story”




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