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Updated: May 5, 2020

2018 was a big year for WEND. 21 women employed, 59 children sent to school, 2 vision trips, 1,066 bags sold – and we couldn't have done any of it without your help.


In 2018, WEND Africa produced and sold 1066 bags, 300 bracelets and 424 animals in both the United States and Uganda. Our products varied from locally sourced Ugandan prints to canvas, vegan leather and pure leather sourced from the United States and India.


A total of 21 seamstresses were employed in 2018 and 5 full-time staff were brought on for Finance, Logistics, Security Guards and an Office Assistant.


A total of 59 students received financial scholarship and scholastic materials for their education. Additionally, our WEND seamstresses received Business, Numeracy and Financial Skills Training through the Butterfly Fund. Additionally, through a grant given by the Bridegeway Foundation, we were able to train 5 recent war abductees/returnees from Central African Republic.


Our organization experienced great success in our Business, Numeracy and Financial Skills Training program. This year, we formed A Village Saving and Loan Association of WEND Africa. The women meet twice a month for this program, and it has helped the women to start saving and allows them the ability to borrow from their savings and pay it back with interest that is purely managed by the women. Additionally, the women were provided with advanced training in dress and shirt making, which allowed them to gain gain more valuable and profitable skills.

Vision Trips

This year, we were able to do two vision trips from the United States to Uganda. The first trip was with medical students from the University of Texas Health San Antonio, which additionally included Medical Physician, Dr. Kester, and Doctor of Communicable diseases, Dr Abel. This allowed all of the families in the community of WEND Africa to receive medical check ups and medical supplies. The second vision trip was with a group of young adults, professionals and individuals with a passion to support WEND Africa in all the following areas: design and production; visiting schools, serving children with Nodding Syndrome, and other activities involving community outreach. Additionally, throughout this year, we had many special visitors come to WEND Africa -- The Russell family, Karen Abercrombie, President General Nobert, Ashley Gutierrez, and many more special guests.

2018 was one heck of a year! Here's to 2019. We have a feeling it's going to be a great one!

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